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Bitcoin mining in Paraguay

BRX Bitcoin Mining

BRX Mining has arrived to bring Bitcoin mining to Paraguay. We believe that the Blockchain and Bitcoin have great significance for the present and the future for the new monetary system that is being developed.

Our goal is to provide customers access to world class infrastructure and low-cost energy. Due to our efficiency we are able to operate at lower costs and pass these savings on to our customers and also allow us unlike any other company in the marketplace.

We are currently operational and providing returns to our customers. In BRX Mining our clients become our partners and share the benefits achieved while ensuring a stable income.


Low-cost Energy

Low-cost Energy

We have the cheapest energy in the region, less than ($0.05) KW/hr, which is one of our strengths and allows us to increase the monetary benefit for each miner.

Insured equipment

Insured equipment

Our miners are covered by insurance with 100% coverage against risks of theft, fire, lightning impact, etc. This gives our customers great peace of mind.



We have private security provided by Ziegel, with highly trained guards in our property. We also have Protek's 24/7 monitoring.


  • The price of electricity is significantly below average, both regionally and globally, less than ($0.05 KW/hr).
  • Paraguay is one of the world's largest exporters of electricity.
  • Hydroelectric energy comprises almost 100% of the electricity grid in Paraguay.
  • One of the fastest growing economies in Latin America (4.3% per year since 2003), with very solid fiscal policies, low inflation (<4% per year).
  • Tax authority: lowest income tax rate in Latin America (10%).
  • No restrictions on capital flows and dividend payments.
  • Stable legal and regulatory frameworks.

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